Sunday, 2 November 2014


Graphic Design and Photography and Video Preview:

The "cracker" of the title refers to an unfolding story about how Mrs Atkinson's life long friend "Elsie" (played by Elaine Traynor) spends a very different Christmas each year to the one she has been telling her friends.

"It's A Cracker!" runs from 4-7 November 2015 and stars Margaret Hall as "Connie Atkinson", Anne George as "Brenda", Elaine Traynor as "Elsie",  Irene Connor as  "Hilda",  Steven Connor as "Father Cafetiere", Marjorie Brown as "Grace", Wyn Ball as "Ms Bailey Davies". The play is written and produced by Tom Gradwell. Tickets are just £6.

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Photography and Graphic Design by Adrian Patrick

Saturday, 18 October 2014


24-27 September 2014 Lowther Theatre Lytham. Trailer by Adrian Patrick for 'A Chorus Line' A Centre Stage production.


The following Video and photography were taken from rehearsals two weeks prior to the show

Introducing "A Chorus Line". Produced by Centre Stage.

The Classic Broadway Musical for a new generation. Eight dancers, eight spotlights, one dream.

Rehearsal Photography by Adrian Patrick

We have LOADS more photos on the Fylde Arts Facebook page. Click on either of these albums....


PHOTOSHOOT: Phantom Of The Opera

Photoshoot by Adrian Patrick for the upcoming "Phantom of The Opera" on images to enlarge..

Last Sunday we had Access to The Grand theatre for two hours to conduct a Photoshoot for Lytham Academy of Theatre Arts' upcoming "Phantom Of The Opera". It was a lot of set-ups to get through, featuring the entire cast in costume and covering various scenes from the show, so a bit manic, but we just about managed it!

The show itself will be at Lowther Theatre in Lytham 19-22 November.

The use of The Grand Theatre afforded us a brilliant location to theme our photography appropriately.

The only lighting available at The Grand was the dimmed house lights. We didn't have access to the stage lights unfortunately, so we had to get creative with our external flashes and light stands. One of the hardest things about a shoot like this is setting up our lighting super fast for each shot! We don't always get it exactly right when working at such a speed, but mostly it works out great and it gives us the chance to really play with colour. Something we love!

All Photographs by Adrian Patrick
Photographic enquiries email:
Show enquiries contact Lowther Pavilion on 01253 794221

Sunday, 16 February 2014

DVD TRAILER Jack & the Beanstalk

Our little pantomime is having a 'premiere' night soon, where everyone gets together to watch the DVD on a big screen. The DVD is pretty much finished editing, but no-one gets to see it just yet.

Here is the trailer I made.... just for fun!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Facebook 'A LOOK BACK' Parody

After Facebook showed me my 'Look Back' video I just felt mine was a bit random and not quite a true representation of my actual Facebook experience.

So I created my own version - sort of a parody/spoof video. Not terribly clever, just really a bit of fun!

Copyright notes: Video by Adrian Patrick (Ady) created under 'parody/fair use'. Facebook and associated marks are Copyright Facebook 2014 and no infringement is intended. Facebook do not endorse this video in any way.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

NEW VIDEO DIARIES For Cleveleys Pantomime

Here are the latest couple of VIDEO DIARIES that I put together for my buddies' show. I have to be careful not to give away any surprises when I make these.

I limit any 'show' footage to very basic scenes without giving away too much in the way of costumes, or characters such as the 'Dame' and the pantomime 'cow'.

Even so, the resulting videos can be really effective at generating interest.... although the show has sold out at this point! There's a pretty long 'cancellation' list even! Next year - it's going to be at a larger venue.

FIRST VIDEO - MADE WHEN THERE WAS JUST TWO DAYS TO GO This one is more of a 'Teaser Trailer' than an actual diary update - The cast love these things when they show up on Facebook! As you'll see, I was careful not to show too much from the dress rehearsal:

SECOND VIDEO - MADE ON OPENING NIGHT (CHRISTMAS EVE) I was busy with family commitments so I only had a quick half hour to make the second video above:

We have just finished show #2, so there'll be another video or two before I start editing both the DVD for the show, and the 'behind the scenes' documentary.


'The Good News' is a friend's show, telling the Easter story in modern song, which I filmed. As well as the stage performance, I attended a few rehearsals and interviewed the producer, Tom Gradwell.

I put together a small documentary about the history and making of the show, which has been around for over two decades, for inclusion on the DVD. It was produced mainly with the performers in mind.

Here's also a couple of montage videos, featuring a mix of footage from rehearsals and the actual show itself....


I notice that many of the 'professional' show's programmes can come across as a little bland 'design-wise' so I wanted to create something that would really 'pop' and show off our cast and crew at their best.

We were limited with our 'page-count' which meant I had to squeeze four 'cast biographies' to a page. So the text had to be smaller than I'd have liked but overall it looks pretty slick!

I'm new to graphic design, so I was a little worried when the printer chap started talking about image file formats! But I seem to have managed it.

I've had so many people comment on the programme - I'm really chuffed!

CLEVELEYS PANTOMIME: Graphic Design 'Logo'

I created the logo and initial poster, which it turned out had to be done in an absolute rush! I made the logo and laid out the whole poster in less than an hour!

Later I had time to embellish the logo a little, incorporating "Cleveleys Pantomime" above the title.

This was actually one of my first attempts at this sort of thing. It has always been an interest, but I am 'brand new' to graphic design in anything approaching a professional sense.

I also produced the designs for the cast's 'Hoodies'!